Dietary Intake Assessment

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In 2004, 2009 and more recently in 2012, the ACAORN Food and Nutrition Stream conducted surveys to identify current Australasian research activities that include assessment of the dietary intakes of children and adolescents. From the survey results, a database has been compiled of dietary assessment tools that have undergone some form of validation of their performance. The ACAORN Food and Nutrition Stream does not see this database as endorsement of any particular dietary assessment tools. The intent of the database is to highlight existing tools for consideration by researchers and practitioners planning research to include a dietary outcome.

Please note that the table summarises information as reported by responders to the ACAORN surveys. It is recommended that before using a particular tool, that you cross-check the information with the published paper or tool contact. The database should also be used in conjunction with an understanding of interpreting validation studies of dietary assessment tools. Consultation with a nutrition researcher with expertise in diet assessment methodology is also encouraged to ensure selection of an appropriate tool for a given research context.